A truffle type for each season!

We collected and selected the best truffles during the whole year.
You can discover the features and seasons of harvesting of the different type of truffles by consulting the dedicated section.

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White Truffle

It has a globular aspect, with many irregularities on the peridium. The external part is smooth and soft. The color varies from to dark cream to almost green. Its scent is pleasingly aromatic but [...]

Summer Truffle

It is also called ”scorzone” and it can reach remarkable dimensions with characteristics similar to the black truffle. Its external part shows dark pyramid warts and it has an aromatic and [...]

Bianchetto Truffle

The Bianchetto Truffle at the first view has the same characteristics as the tuber magnatum pico, irregular, smooth and with dirty white color, but when it ripen it becomes darker.

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